Recipes found!

If you have a 3 year-old you understand that they don’t stop talking. They talk about themselves, they talk about the world, and they absorb EVERYTHING. Sometimes I just have to tune out. What is a mother to do? I can’t listen to her ramble on about the fact that Bumble Bee starts with B, and so does Butt. It’s exhausting.

That being said, I have found that if I listen to her requests to try new foods it’s always a win-win. Last night for dinner we had Pumpkin Pancakes with Turkey Bacon and Gramz Applesauce… Perhaps I’ll post the pancake recipe later 😉

As a child I never ate anything pumpkin, not even pumpkin pie. The only thing a pumpkin was good for in my eyes was a jack-o-lantern and maybe a few seeds. As an adult I have a whole new appreciation. On top of how delicious pumpkin things are, they are super nutritious. They give these pancakes a huge punch of Vitamin A, Beta Carotene and of course fiber.

What was great is that Izzy saw this in her Highlights Magazine. ( They have a little recipe (which we spruced up) with pictures of the ingredients to use. She read me the ingredients and we did it together. She did all the mixing, and I did all the flipping. Everyone loved it! Plus, what’s better than breakfast for dinner?!


09/16/2011. Tips and such!.

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