Why I’m writing…

May I preface by saying I am not a great cook or a great parent. To be frank, I would say I am mediocre at both. We eat far too many nitrate filled hot dogs for me to be considered best at either of these. One thing I do pride myself on is my kids palette.

My oldest is often the only child at a dinner party to partake in the salad, guacamole, and even a nice crudite. She has recently proclaimed her favorite of all sauces is hot sauce. She is 3.

My youngest daughter, 1, is not so adventurous. She doesn’t love veggies or anything spicy. If she could sustain on yogurt and fruit she would. But alas, I’m a mean mommy and I push her taste buds day after day and things have improved.

So that brings me here, blogging. For every curry loving toddler there are many more eating nuggets and fries. I find food to be not only necessary to sustain life but also so fun to experiment with. My husband and I are foodies of the lower middle class variety. We may not have the money to enjoy fine dining more than once a year, but at home we like to travel the world. We eat our take on classics from all over; China, Greece, Italy, Thailand, Inda, Japan, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Mexico, and good ol’ USA. I have written so many recipes myself to keep our taste buds and my stubborn Tessa’s taste buds satisfied. I hope to inspire other parents to join us on our

Family Plate Around the World.


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